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Welcome in our hotel "Pension im Malerwinkel"

Our house is located in a idyllic and silent place, with a beautiful view on to the centre of Kallmünz and the old castle, just on the Naab-river with the "5 Flüsse-Rad- und Wanderweg".

The medieval city of Kallmünz is located between the rivers of Naab and Vils in an unique Jura-landscape with the possibilities of bicycling, walking, canoeing, fishing and much more else! The historical city with it's castle is more than 800 years old and has beautiful buildings and houses!

Because of it's extraordinary beauty of the city and the inherent natural beauty was and is Kallmünz called "The Pearl of the Naab-Valley"! From the 19. th century on, it was a meeting point of important painters like Wassily Kandinsky, Gabriele Münter, Charles Palmie and much more else and is it still today!

Kallmünz is close to the cities of Hohenfels (10km), Regensburg (18 km, bus-connection), Amberg (30 km) ...

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